About Us

About Us

The Center Buses Company is a union of the former Jabalbar, Eizariya and Sawahra Bus Companies, where these companies were united under the name of the Center Buses.

Company business lines

The Central Bus Company provides public transport services to the following lines:

  • Jabal Al Mukaber Line – Al-Wad (205)
  • Jabal al-Mukabbir – Jabal line (206)
  • Column Header Line (236)
  • Zaytouna crossing line (226)
  • Al-Eizariya – Al-Sawahra – Al-Jamiah line (263)

Bus fleet

Today, the company operates more than 43 public buses, including minibuses 19 passengers and large buses 55 passengers, and the company is working on updating the bus fleet from time to time to maintain new and advanced buses to serve passengers.

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